Hi! My name is Isabelle and I’m a freelance designer who aims to use thoughtful, problem-solving design to clarify and amplify your mission. I believe design is a visual language with the power to bring people together, inspire emotions, and invite engagement. By understanding the problems in communicating your goals and mission, you lay the foundation for thoughtful design solutions.

I have 12 years of hands-on experience in graphic design paired with a lifelong interest in growing my skill-set. I’m drawn to working with start-ups, well-established businesses and not-for-profit organizations each for the unique challenges they bring. I’m an avid walker, a wannabe gardener and love lounging with my dog. I also created as a creative side project where I can explore ideas without boundaries.

Agence André Dallaire

Project Overview

Agence André Dallaire is a Montreal distributor and promoter of action sports gear and lifestyle merchandise.

The mandate was to create a distinctive logo to match the agency's 30+ years as leaders in their industry. Having a roster of well-known brands under their umbrella means that their visual identity needed to be cohesive but distinct from the brands they promote. The colour scheme is simple but rich in tone to reflect their experience. A snowflake pattern was designed to represent their love for winter sports.

Agence Andre Dallaire Visual Identity

A Flexible Identity

Along with their logo, colour scheme and snowflake pattern, a boxed grid is used to clearly frame contact information with enough place to apply brand logos based on needs.

Agence Andre Dallaire Tag Mockup
Agence Andre Dallaire Visual Identity with Mark