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Intuitive Conferences + Events is a full service conference and event planning company that offers strategic meeting management solutions that are flexible to their clients unique needs. They take the stress and uncertainty out of conference and event planning.

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Visual Identity

Web Design & Development

Art Direction


The Approach

The team at Intuitive wanted their visual identity and logo to represent their friendly approach to managing events because they work closely with their clients team. They also needed to convey their sense of organization and ability to pivot at a moments notice. Event management is a fast-paced enviroment that requires quick problem solving and attention to details.

Starting with a discovery call to determine their goals and learn about their target audience, it became obvious that they needed a logo that would translate the idea of "constant motion". From that, a logo started to take shape as well as a colour palette and typography. Through multiple rounds of collaborative work, the visual identity began to take it's final form.


Symbol Concept

The symbol was born out of 4 core principles that align with their goals of offering stress free full conference and event planning solutions.

Friendly but structured, the symbol combines a smile with checkmarks (get shit done). It reflects the honest, no-nonsense hands-on approach of the team at Intuitive.  Not to mention, their fondness for bad jokes making their working style easy to integrate into any team.


The Logo Lockup

It was important that the logo system work for horizontal and vertical applications. Think of the square aspect of a social media profile picture versus an horizontal website navigation bar.

The logo system contains two lockups, the primary horitonzal lockup and the stacked vertical lockup. The symbol (mark), can be used alone as an avatar, a website favicon or an accent element on marketing material. The smile can be use alone as an image overlay or also as an accent element on marketing collateral.


Brand Colours & Typography

Intuitive by nature. Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewel qualities of green. It is revitalizing, forward thinking and represents open communication and clarity of thought.

All hands on deck. Navy blue evokes feelings of confidence, responsibility and commitment. It represents their no-nonsense hands-on approach to conference and event planning.

People are at the heart of everything we do. While bright pink evokes creativity, innovation and strength, it also inspires hope, empathy and caring for people.

The dark side. Every brand colour palette needs a black, but not a true black. A subdued black is much easier on the eyes and blends well with other brand colours.


Applying the Brand

From a fully responsive website to business card, a consistent application of the logo, colours and typography is key to communicating a unified message.

A set of illustrations were created to express the team's process: pre-event, event and post-event. Along with a set of icons, these compliment the brand colours and can be used on different mediums.


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